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Brandon & Michael

We have been happily together, inseparable, and madly in love for the better part of a decade. We adopted our daughter, Naomi, a few years ago when she was born, and have been blessed to have her in our lives. Now we are hoping to expand our family and fill the empty rooms in our home with more laughter & love.

About Us

regional portfolio manager
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Master's Degree in Business Management
Legally Married

How Adoption has Affected Us

Enjoying the Wildflowers

Adoption has already drastically changed our lives in a way that we never had thought was possible. We adopted our daughter, Naomi, soon after her birth and since the day we brought her home, she has truly been a blessing. Since that first day we brought her home, she has provided an unfathomable amount of joy to our family, friends, and community that we did not even know we were missing. The amount of love and support we have received from everyone in our families and continue to receive has been overwhelming.

Naomi Playing and Practicing Pedaling in Front of Our Home

Our wish to adopt once again has been celebrated by our community, friends, and family; and we cannot wait to welcome home another member of our tribe. In addition to our immediate community, Naomi's birth parents, who live several states away from us, have been able to keep in contact with us. We are able to share Naomi's growth, via phone, email, and visits.

Our Promise to You

Naomi and Brandon Playing in the Waves

Our promise to you:

We promise to send many photos of all the important milestones like the first steps, first haircut, first day of school, and more.

We promise to share all the information such as their likes & dislikes, developmental milestones, "first", favorites, and funny things they've said and/or done.

We promise to teach them about their history.

We promise to send cards and artwork on holidays like Christmas and Mother's Day. To adopt holiday traditions from their biological family. We promise to provide a loving and nurturing environment in which the child will grow and thrive to their fullest potential.

And, the most significant and powerful promise we can make to you, is to promise to raise this child to know and believe, that the beginning of their life's journey began with their mother's love. That two families came together to plan the very best life for the child that we could.

Our Pets

Naomi's Pets at Home

We have five pets that live with us!

Our oldest pet, is our senior dog, Spartacus. Spartacus, a pit mix, he is 11 years old and he is a sweet old man with a heart of gold who loves to nap in the sun. He's got arthritis and is slow moving but loves to go on walks, give kisses, and meet new people. Orion, our Rottweiler, is almost two. His head is as big as his heart. He loves walks, the beach, and his playmate Bella. He will eat anything given to him in the most gentle way and knows to lay near our daughter to get extra scraps. Bella, our mastiff, is our newest addition and she is almost a year old. She's big and goofy. She enjoys walks, the beach, and loves our cat. Bella still trips over her paws when she plays, but loves to chase the balls our daughter throws for her. All the dogs give big, very wet, kisses and love everyone and everything they meet.

Crookshanks is our three-year-old Persian cat. He loves treats. Even though he never looks happy, he always is. His favorite dog is Orion and they often play tag together! Crookshanks is very snuggly, and does not enjoy the outside.

Alexander is our two-year-old African Sulcata Tortoise. He has a large outdoor home and loves head scratches & playing fetch. He'll go for long trips to the park with our daughter, Naomi, and weeds the community garden while Naomi plays at the playground. Clovers seem to be his favorite treat at the moment.


Just the Two of Us!
Just the Two of Us!
Enjoying Hawaii
Enjoying Hawaii
Celebrating Naomi's Birthday
Celebrating Naomi's Birthday
On Vacation
On Vacation
Building a Sand Castle
Building a Sand Castle
Brandon and Naomi on a Walk Near Home
Brandon and Naomi on a Walk Near Home
Playing on the Swings
Playing on the Swings
Naomi Opening Christmas Presents
Naomi Opening Christmas Presents
Daddy Daughter Date Night
Daddy Daughter Date Night
Visiting the Holiday Lights Wonderland Near Our Home
Visiting the Holiday Lights Wonderland Near Our Home
Michael and Naomi Enjoying the Tidepools Near Home
Michael and Naomi Enjoying the Tidepools Near Home
Michael and Naomi Crafting Together
Michael and Naomi Crafting Together
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Just the Two of Us!
Just the Two of Us!
2 / 12
Enjoying Hawaii
Enjoying Hawaii
3 / 12
Celebrating Naomi's Birthday
Celebrating Naomi's Birthday
4 / 12
On Vacation
On Vacation
5 / 12
Building a Sand Castle
Building a Sand Castle
6 / 12
Brandon and Naomi on a Walk Near Home
Brandon and Naomi on a Walk Near Home
7 / 12
Playing on the Swings
Playing on the Swings
8 / 12
Naomi Opening Christmas Presents
Naomi Opening Christmas Presents
9 / 12
Daddy Daughter Date Night
Daddy Daughter Date Night
10 / 12
Visiting the Holiday Lights Wonderland Near Our Home
Visiting the Holiday Lights Wonderland Near Our Home
11 / 12
Michael and Naomi Enjoying the Tidepools Near Home
Michael and Naomi Enjoying the Tidepools Near Home
12 / 12
Michael and Naomi Crafting Together
Michael and Naomi Crafting Together

Our Extended Families

Family Trip to the Beach with Cousins

We both come from larger families. Brandon is a triplet, with two sisters, and Michael (the youngest of five) has two brothers and two sisters; and together we have 15 nieces & nephews; ten of which are living nearby, in California. We spend a lot of time together; often doing something outside such as hiking, camping, boating, traveling, and more. We are the first of our family to adopt a baby, Naomi, and the amount of support and love we received, and continue to receive, from everyone in our lives has been invaluable; and they are extremely excited to welcome a new addition to the family!

Spending Time with Family in Florida

Both of Michaels's parents have sadly passed, but we have been blessed to have both Brandon's Parents. Since they are both retired they spend as much time as possible with their grandchildren and we often visit them at their home in Florida. They have an awesome welcome gift for each of their grandchildren, and that's the gift of college being paid for.

Our House and Neighborhood

Naomi Hiking with Friends Near Our Home

We live in Central Coast California in a sleepy, but lively, beach community. The community we live in strongly believes in "It takes a village" and has nothing but love and support for all of its families. Since the education system is one of the best in the nation, most of our neighbors consist of families with multiple children and pets.

Home Sweet Home

The community has everything a family could want. The children's library is a short walk from our home as well as a playground, skate park, gymnastics & dance studio(s), sporting fields, community pools, and more. Our favorite family activity is to go to the beach and search the tide pools for creatures & shells.

Our two-story home is the last on our sunny cul de sac. As you enter the home you are greeted by a large open layout and a wall of windows exposing our large backyard which then welcomes a 500 acre oak preserve making our home feel like a tree house.

We have plenty of space to host and on rainy days we have an indoor bounce house for the kids to play on.

From Us to You

This letter is much more difficult to write to someone we have not met yet. However, something has brought all of us together and we hope that these forces continue to keep us happily together. We have a lot of love to give, and only wish for the opportunity to give it unconditionally.

We want to begin by thanking you for the enormous gift of life you are giving and for the love & courage you are showing for this young life through your adoption plan. We do not know your current situation or the circumstances behind this decision; but, we know that your loving and selfless act of putting together an adoption plan shows how strong and selfless you are. We hope that your friends and family show, and continue to show, support for your bravery on this journey we've all begun together.

We have been happily married for almost a decade and madly in love and inseparable since the day we met. Several years ago, we were blessed to be given the opportunity, from a mother like you, to welcome our daughter Naomi into our families. After a lot of soul searching, a lot of love, and many, MANY conversations, we know that we not only want to expand our family, but are also ready to do so.

By choosing us, your child will know that they were adopted from the beginning and that their mother made the most difficult decision she had to, and that she has unconditional love for them even before she got to meet them. We will teach them to enjoy the simple things in life and they will enjoy their time experiencing life rather than watching it on TV. They will learn how to love, respect, hard-work, and most of all, how to have fun. We believe education is extremely important and will provide all of our children with any and all the tools needed for them to thrive in this life.

Should you choose us to raise your child, you can rest soundly knowing that they will have unconditional love, a fulfilling life, and the world will be theirs to explore. You should know that you will be kept in your childs' life. There will be many opportunities for you to watch your child grow through phone calls, emails, and visits. You'll know all the firsts, get to be involved in all the important dates, and be there for all the important milestones. You'll receive artwork on all the holidays like mothers day, hugs on birthdays, and phone calls will always be answered.

Finally, you can also be assured that the gift you are giving with not be taken for granted. That every day will be bright and happy for your child. That your child is being given everything they need to thrive.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, whatever decisions you make. We know that this is your decision and it must be right for you.

Thank you for taking a peek into our lives.


Brandon & Michael


Samuel L. Jackson
Bill Murray
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis
Eric Carle
Ken Follett
The Great Gatsby
Pillars of the Earth
Candy Bar
Reese's PeanutButter Cup
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
Childhood Memory
Family vacation to a lake house in North Carolina
Family vacations to Morro Bay California
Childhood Toy
Stuffed Bear named: Sambie - I still have him
Sand excavator
Children's Book
The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar
any Richards Scarys
Coconut Grove, Florida
Classic Movie
The Goonies
Sound of Music
Day of Week
Bread Pudding
Disney Movie
Lion King
Dream Car
7-series BMW
Dream Job
Stay at home parent
Self Employed
Dream Vacation
Galapagos Islands
backpacking trip through New Zealand
Family Activity
Being together
Flower / Plant
Orchid / staghorn
jasmine / sage
Form of Exercise
walking / hiking
Settlers of Catan
Settlers of Catan
Anything outside
Holiday Song
The Nightmare Before Christmas - Kidnap the Sandy Claws
We need
Holiday Tradition
Carving pumpkins
opening a present Christmas Eve night
Ice Cream
Bubble gum
Junk Food
Flamin Hot Cheetos
gold fish
Leisure Activity
cooks illustrated
Memory with a Child
The day we adopted Naomi - Everything was perfect
Naomis first ride at Disney
Memory with Spouse
The first day we met and went on a hike
The day he said "I do"
Jurassic Park
What about Bob
Movie Munchie
butter Popcorn (any powder flavor added)
Movie Quote
I'm not going in there
"A hoy I sailed out with the wind & the sea"
Movie Type
Book of Mormon
Phantom of the Opera
Musical Group
Fleetwood Mac
Nursery Rhyme
Ring around the Rosie
Baby mine
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My husband
My dad
Romeo and Juliet
Edgar Allan Poe
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Quality about my Spouse
his kindness
Loving Nature
"Not today Satan"
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut
Maison Blanche - paris
Bayside Cafe
French Dip with Blue Cheese
John 15: 12-13
Isaiah 40:28-31
Shopping Store
Pottery Barn
William Sonoma
House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
D'yer Mak'er - Led Zeppelin
Sport to Play
Water polo
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Marcus Rashford
Rob Gronkowski
Sports Team
Lakers - LA
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Friday sunset beach walk
Family Thanksgiving Day walk
TV Show
Breaking bad
Great British Baking Show
TV Show Character
Pickle Rick
Cersei Lannister
Type of Music
Classic Rock. 80s
Vacation Spot
Any of the Florida Keys
Morro Bay
Video Game
Super Smash Brothers
MarioKart (any system)

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