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Types of Adoption in Kansas [Understanding the Differences]

Are you an expectant birth parent, a hopeful adoptive family, or just somebody who wants to learn more about adoption and how it works? If you’ve done much research into the process, you may have found it complicated. One factor that can make adoption seem even more complex is the variety of types of adoption in Kansas.

It’s natural to be a little overwhelmed by the requirements and benefits associated with the different types of adoption in KS. We get that, and we want you to know we’re here to help. We have nearly three decades of experience working with birth parents, adoptive families, and adoptees, and we can help you get the answers you need.

If you would like to speak with one of our compassionate, experienced adoption specialists about the types of adoptions in KS or get free adoption information now, please call 1-800-ADOPTION or complete our free online form to connect.

In the meantime, please continue reading to learn all that you need to know about the most common types of adoption in Kansas. 

What Are the Different Types of Adoption in Kansas? [Which Is Right for You?]

There are three different types of adoption options in Kansas if you want to adopt a child. Those three types of adoption in Kansas are domestic infant adoption, foster care adoption and international adoption. While there are other types (such as adult adoption), these three are the most common.

One obvious difference between the three types of adoption in KS is where they take place. For example, domestic and foster care adoptions occur in the U.S. and involve children born in this country, though these adoptions frequently cross state lines. However, international adoptions involve children from nations outside of the U.S.

That’s just one point of differentiation between the different types of adoption in Kansas, though. Other differences involve:

Let’s dig a little deeper into each of the three types of adoptions in Kansas, what’s required to complete each one, and the types of adoption agencies in KS that can help you along the way.

Types of Adoption in KS: Domestic Infant Adoption

Sometimes called private infant adoption, domestic infant adoption occurs when an expectant birth mother places her baby in the home of a waiting adoptive family that she chooses. This type of adoption in KS takes place inside the United States and involves the placement of newborns and babies instead of older children.

In this type of adoption in KS, an expectant birth mother chooses to place her child, creates an adoption plan, and works alongside her adoption professional to identify a family that matches her preferences. Once she gives birth, she provides consent to adopt (requirements vary from state to state), and the child is placed with the adoptive family until the adoption is legally finalized several months later.

For prospective adoptive families seeking to pursue this type of adoption in Kansas, the costs can come in at up to $60,000. At American Adoptions, we provide 100% financial protection for our active families, and on average, we have 800x the marketing of other leading competitors. That gives you the best chance of limiting your wait time and gives you more bang for your buck.

In Kansas, we’re licensed to perform the required home study as well, which means you can get all the services you need for one price within one organization.

Within the private domestic adoption category, there are three types of post-placement contact arrangements available. They are:

  • Open adoption: With this type of adoption in KS, the expectant birth parent and prospective adoptive family openly communicate before the child’s birth and afterward. The birth mother has the opportunity to remain in contact with their child and the adoptive family for years to come through open adoption.
  • Semi-open adoption: Semi-open adoption is another common option in which the adoption professional mediates the communication between the parties. These types of adoptions in KS let birth parents to maintain privacy while still leaving room for a relationship with the child and adoptive family.
  • Closed adoption: Closed adoption is the rarest type of adoption in KS these days because most adoptions feature some degree of openness. The benefits once associated with closed adoption have largely been debunked, and closed adoptions are no longer thought to be in the best interest of the adoptee. However, it’s still available in this type of adoption in KS if the birth mother prefers.

You may also be wondering about the different types of adoption agencies in Kansas and the roles they play. While independent adoption is possible in private domestic adoptions, most adoption professionals recommend that you work with an adoption agency to ensure a smooth, legal and ethical process.

American Adoptions can help you start your own journey if adopting a baby is your chosen type of adoption in Kansas. We offer many benefits to both expectant birth mothers and prospective adoptive families, including:

  • 24/7 access to our skilled, compassionate specialists
  • Resources and counseling for expectant mothers considering adoption
  • Nearly 30 years of experience creating successful, ethical adoptions
  • Accurate wait time estimates
  • Honest, transparent adoption cost estimates
  • A Risk-Sharing program to protect hopeful families financially in case of adoption disruption
  • The reach and resources of a national agency with the personal touch of a small local organization
  • And much more

There’s no other adoption agency that can offer you the support you get from American Adoptions. There’s a reason that birth mothers and adoptive families have trusted us with their adoptions for nearly three decades, resulting in more than 13,000 families created. To begin your domestic infant adoption journey at American Adoptions, please call 1-800-ADOPTION of complete our online contact form.

Types of Adoption in KS: Foster Care Adoption

Another one of the types of adoption in KS that prospective adoptive families can pursue is foster care adoption. In these types of adoptions in Kansas, hopeful adoptive parents adopt a child who is currently in the care of the state foster care system.

One of the main differences between foster care adoption and the other different types of adoption in KS is that foster care adoption allows prospective parents to adopt an older child or sibling group instead of an infant. Another difference is the cost of foster care adoption. It’s significantly less costly than the other two types of adoption in KS, especially when prospective parents apply for subsidies from the state.

It’s important to recognize that adoption is always a secondary goal for the foster system. The primary objective is reuniting the child with their birth family, so it can be a lengthy and drawn-out process in some cases. Foster care adoption may not even result in adoption at all if the parental rights of the birth parents are never terminated by the family court.

If adopting from foster care is your preference among the types of adoption in KS, you’ll need to work with foster care adoption agencies to accomplish your goals. Below is a list of a few foster care adoption professionals that can help you out with the process:

Types of Adoption in KS: International Adoption

Adopting a child from another nation is another one of the types of adoption in Kansas that’s available to prospective parents. The practice is known as international adoption. International adoption is complicated and takes time because both parties must navigate the laws of two different countries. There could also be potential language barriers and travel logistics.

If you are a hopeful adoptive parent considering international adoption, be sure to work with a Hague-certified agency to ensure that your adoption is fair, legal, and ethical. Also, please consider the cultural aspects of this type of adoption.

International adoption is the least common of the types of adoption in KS, but several families each year elect to adopt from other countries. Below is a list of international adoption professionals if you know that this type of adoption is right for you:

Closing Thoughts on the Different Types of Adoptions in Kansas [Finding Your Way]

Understanding the types of adoption in Kansas can be challenging at first, and we get that. However, getting help from an adoption professional is the best way to learn more about the different types of adoption in KS and decide which one is best for you.

If you have any more questions about the types of adoption in Kansas, we’d be honored to help you find answers. To connect with one of our friendly, professional adoption specialists, simply call 1-800-ADOPTION or complete our free online form.

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