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Surrogacy or Adoption in Kansas

If you’re ready to start a family, you might be wondering which family-building options are best for you: surrogacy or adoption in Kansas.

While there’s no right or wrong way to build a family, it’s important to understand all of your options and choices so you can make the best decision for yourself.

If you’d like to know more about the adoption process or you’re ready to start your adoption journey, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION now for more information.

You can also keep reading to learn more about surrogacy vs. adoption in Kansas.

Surrogacy vs. Adoption in Kansas: What You Need to Know

When it comes to building your family, chances are you have a lot of questions. 

You might be wondering:

Before you can make your decision, you’ll need to understand the differences between adoption and surrogacy in Kansas.


When you choose to pursue surrogacy vs. adoption in Kansas, you’ll have the unique opportunity to not only have a child with your genetic makeup, but you’ll be able to participate in all aspects of the pregnancy, as well.

With gestational surrogacy, you’ll first match with a surrogate who wants to carry your child.

It’s important to work with a surrogate agency when you choose to pursue surrogacy. The right agency will help you match with a surrogate mother and help you start to build a relationship with them.

Keep in mind that the process of surrogacy vs. adoption in Kansas can be lengthy and very personal.

You and your surrogate will get to know each other on a very intimate level throughout the entire pregnancy and will keep in touch regularly. You’ll have the chance to see pregnancy pictures, attend doctor's appointments and, of course, be present at your child’s birth.


Many families turn to adoption as a way to build their families. There are many benefits to choosing adoption vs. surrogacy in Kansas, including:

  • Shorter wait times
  • More control over the process
  • The ability to help a birth mother

With adoption, you may not actually match with a birth parent until it’s nearly time for them to give birth. Because of this, you may not actually be able to participate in the pregnancy experience as fully as you would if you had opted for surrogacy.

That said, many adoptive families enjoy the control they’re able to experience with adoption.

When you make the decision for adoption vs. surrogacy in Kansas, you’ll most likely connect with an adoption agency that can guide you during your journey.

Your agency will help you:

With adoption, you’ll be able to choose your child’s gender, as well as make specific requests regarding their birth parents.

It’s also important to note that with adoption, your wait time will be much shorter than it is with surrogacy.

When you choose surrogacy vs. adoption in Kansas, you’ll need to match with a gestational surrogate and make sure you’re a great fit before you even begin the surrogacy process.

With adoption, however, you can expect a wait time of an average of 12 months.

Surrogacy VS Adoption: Pros and Cons in Kansas

As you consider your options for adoption vs. surrogacy in Kansas, it’s a great idea to consider what other experienced parents have to say about their experiences with surrogacy and adoption in Kansas.

Sometimes just knowing that other parents have gone through the same experience and that you aren’t alone can make an incredible difference.

Nichole is a surrogate mother who always knew she felt called to be a surrogate.

“You’re not doing it to have a relationship for the rest of your life; you’re doing it to give somebody the best gift that anyone could give,” Nichole says. She explains that she’s going to have an ongoing relationship with the family she was a gestational surrogate for. “The more we talked, he was the one who said, ‘I want you guys to be in Julian’s life. I want Julian to know how he came about and what you guys sacrificed to give him his life.’”

One mother who chose surrogacy loves the fact that she’s able to have an ongoing relationship with her surrogacy, although she understands that their relationship has changed after the birth of her children.

“It wasn’t necessarily saying goodbye to her, but it was just a different chapter and a different part of the relationship,” she remembers. “I knew it was going to take a little more work for us to stay together because there wasn’t going to be doctor’s appointments and that tying us together. It was just a new chapter, and we both knew that.”

When it comes to adoption, one adoptive family has some important advice. “I just wish I had known it wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be,” Lindsey says. “I’m glad everything happened the way it did because we were matched with our son, and I feel like it was meant to be.”

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