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How Long Does Adoption Take in Kansas? [Understanding Wait Times]

For prospective adoptive parents, adoption is a beautiful journey that results in achieving your dream of building a family. It can be a complicated process that takes time to complete, and you may have questions, such as, “How long does adoption take in Kansas?”

Like many hopeful adoptive parents, you may be curious about the average length of the adoption process. Numerous factors influence how long it takes to adopt a child in Kansas, including the adoption professional you choose.

How long does it take to adopt a baby in Kansas? The best way to understand the timeline is to talk with an adoption professional. To schedule a free consultation with an adoption specialist, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION or click here.

For now, continue with this guide to better understand adoption wait times.

How Long Does It Take to Adopt a Child in Kansas?

Answering the question, “How long does the adoption process take in Kansas?” can be difficult because the timeline depends on a lot of variables. One of those factors is the agency you choose. For example, with American Adoptions, your adoption wait times are an

Every adoption process is unique, and that can influence how long it takes to adopt in Kansas from case to case. Your circumstances, the specifics of the prospective birth mother’s life, and your adoption agency will impact your timeline.

Again, your adoption agency can have a significant impact on how long it takes to adopt a baby. Therefore, when selecting an adoption professional, it’s wise to ask, “How long does it take to adopt in KS with your agency?” before choosing an adoption professional.

What’s the Timeline for the Domestic Infant Adoption Process?

If you’re wondering, “how long is the adoption process in Kansas,” it helps to break down the steps and understand the timeline for each component in the process. Though each adoption in unique, most adoptions follow the same general process, and the steps in that process have a variable time frame.

The primary elements in adoption that may affect your wait time are:

  • The home study: The home study ensures that your home and family are ready for a child. Usually, it takes around 2-3 months. Collecting any documents and completing paperwork beforehand can ensure that the home study doesn’t extend how long it takes to adopt in KS.
  • Identifying a match: The answer to the question, “How long does an adoption process take in Kansas?” is dependent on the matching process. Once you’re “active,” there’s usually a wait to be selected by a birth mother. That wait time may be long, or it may be brief.
  • Placement and post-placement: Your adoption match will impact how long it takes to adopt in Kansas. For example, you may be matched with a birth mother early in pregnancy, or a birth mother days from giving birth.
  • Finalization – Finalizing the adoption means undergoing post-placement visits with a social worker once a month. The time between placement and finalization usually lasts around six months.

What Other Factors Impact How Long It Takes to Adopt a Child in KS?

Outside of the factors mentioned above, there are other things to consider when determining how long to adopt a child in Kansas. How long does adoption take in the U.S.? That depends on many variables, some of which you can influence. Keep reading to learn more below.

1. Advertising Budget

Your adoptive family profile is key to being chosen by prospective birth mothers considering adoption. You can experience a long wait before being selected by a prospective birth mother, but agencies that actively advertise your profile tend to have shorter wait times.

Advertising plays an important role in how long it takes to adopt in KS. Bigger advertising budgets result in more exposure of the hopeful adoptive family to prospective birth parents.

American Adoptions understands the importance of adoption advertising. To get the same exposure elsewhere, you’d have to work with 25 other agencies at the same time. American Adoptions is a national adoption agency, so we can find the best adoption opportunity for you anywhere in the U.S. Our national scope and focus on advertising results in shorter wait times for our adoptive families.

2. Balance of Active Adoptive Families vs. Adoptions Completed

Another factor in determining how long it takes to adopt in Kansas is the number of active adoptive families compared to the total number of adoptions an agency completes per year. The ratio of adoptive families to adoptions completed is important to your overall adoption timeline.

Generally, the lower the adoption ratio, the shorter the wait times may be. If an agency has a 1:1 ratio, it means that they have the same number of waiting families and adoptions completed in a year. Some agencies may have four waiting families for every one adoption completed, resulting in a 4:1 ratio.

That could mean within an agency, four families are competing for the same adoption opportunity, statistically speaking. In the other example, however, there’s theoretically an adoption completed for every hopeful adoptive family.

American Adoptions knows how balance can impact how long it takes to adopt in KS, and we believe you deserve transparency and realistic wait times.

3. Your Adoption Plan

Your adoption plan can also play a role in determining how long it takes to adopt in KS. If your adoption plan preferences are flexible, you’ll be exposed to more expectant mothers, which will help reduce the adoption process length, on average.

For example, if you’re only open to adopting a male Caucasian child, your adoption opportunities will be limited. However, if you’re open to children from any background and gender, the number of available adoption opportunities can increase exponentially. In other words, your preferences can dramatically affect how long it takes to adopt in KS.

With American Adoptions, you can maximize your opportunities by expanding your preferences in your Adoption Planning Questionnaire. Many couples experience more success finding a match quickly when they expand the range of potential adoption opportunities through the APQ.

4. The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)

The Interstate Compact on Child Placement, or ICPC, is an extra step in the interstate adoption process that could influence how long it takes to adopt in Kansas. As one of the few federal regulations governing adoption, it’s meant to ensure that the adoption laws of both involved states are observed, and the child’s best interest is protected.

ICPC can play a key role in answering the question, “How long does the adoption process take in the U.S.?” The process involves additional layers of documentation and review by authorities, which can extend your timeline. Usually, completing the ICPC review takes a few weeks at most, but any complications can impact your adoption timeline.

We know the ICPC review process can be a stressful time for adoptive families, which is why we suggest using this time as an opportunity to sightsee, enjoy the final step of your adoption process together and try to relax and go with the flow.

5. Birth Mother Choice and Disrupted Adoptions

In any modern adoption, expectant birth mothers remain in full control of their adoption decisions. The birth mother can decide not to place their child for adoption, change adoption professionals, or opt to choose another family at any time in the process. These disrupted adoptions can impact how long it takes to adopt in KS.

No expectant birth mother plans to change her mind after deciding to place her child and select a family, but it can happen. When it does, that can extend your adoption wait time. To reduce the risk of disrupted adoption, American Adoptions goes to great lengths to screen birth mothers, provide counseling to ensure that they are certain about their adoption choice, and offer hopeful adoptive families financial protections through our industry-leading Risk-Sharing Program.

Protecting your financial investment is crucial, and we are the only adoption agency that provides a complete financial protection program. In the event of a disruption, other agencies force you to repay fees to continue your pursuit of adoption, or they “roll over” your initial investment.

While this may allow you to continue pursuing adoption, it’s not a refund. If you were to decide you wanted a break from the adoption process, your money isn’t returned to you. If you’re on an expiring contract and the expiration date arrives before you choose to continue with an adoption, you lose that money.

How Long Does Domestic Adoption Take in Kansas? [Closing Thoughts]

As you can see, lots of factors can impact how long it takes to adopt in KS. There are many steps an adoptive family can take to help limit how long adoption takes, but some of the factors remain unpredictable despite what the prospective adoptive family does.

You’re bound to have additional questions about how long it takes to adopt in Kansas, and fortunately, the answers are easy to find. You can call 1-800-ADOPTION now or complete our free online form to connect with an adoption specialist today.

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