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Adoption Centers in Kansas [How They Differ from Adoption Agencies]

Have you thought about building the family you’ve always dreamed of having? If so, adoption offers a path forward. If you’ve begun researching adoption, you probably have questions about adoption centers in Kansas and how they help with adoption.

There are many professionals who work on portions of the adoption process. Before you can know which professional will best suit your situation, you must understand how organizations such as Kansas adoption law centers, adoption centers, and licensed adoption agencies like American Adoptions differ. 

The differences between licensed adoption agencies, adoption law centers, adoption attorneys, and child adoption centers in KS are vast, but processing them is easier with help from a professional. We’re here 24/7 to help you get answers. To speak with one of our specialists today, simply fill out our online form or call 1-800-ADOPTION.

For now, keep reading as we discuss KS adoption centers and adoption law centers, what they do and how they’re different from licensed adoption agencies like American Adoptions. 

What are KS Adoption Centers? [What Do They Do?]

KS adoption centers for babies work on a single portion of the adoption process. They connect pregnant women seeking families for adoption with waiting parents ready to adopt. They aren’t the same as adoption agencies; however, since KS baby adoption centers aren’t licensed or regulated by the state. Adoption center staff, known as adoption facilitators, often lack the diverse skills other adoption professionals working with licensed agencies must have.

Adoption centers can quickly match pregnant women with potential adoptive families, and since that’s all they do, they are good at it. Wait times for adoptions are generally shorter with adoption centers, but they don’t provide other needed adoption services. That means you may need to seek another provider for those services.

Some of the risks of working with adoption centers include:

  • Expiring contracts: Your initial cost estimate with an adoption center may seem reasonable, but when your 12-month contract expires without an adoption match, you may be required to pay additional fees. This can lead to ever-increasing adoption costs in addition to longer wait times for adoption. An unscrupulous adoption center may even purposely delay matching to collect more fees.
  • Lack of accountability: While adoption agencies must be reviewed and licensed annually in every state in which they operate, that’s not the case with adoption centers. They aren’t scrutinized or regulated in any way, which leaves a lot of room for exploitive practices and unfounded claims about things like adoption wait times.
  • Financial risks: At American Adoptions, we offer prospective adoptive families financial protection from disrupted adoption through our Risk-Sharing program. However, adoption centers offer no such protections, so if there’s a disrupted adoption, you could be stuck with a significant financial loss. Even organizations that offer disruption insurance may only allow you to roll over your adoption investment into another opportunity, even if you want to take a break from adoption for a time.

What Are KS Adoption Law Centers? [What Do They Do?]

Adoption law centers, like KS adoption centers for kids, focus on connecting waiting families and pregnant women who choose adoption. However, adoption law centers are incorporated by a lawyer overseen by the state bar. Still, adoption law centers aren’t truly regulated or licensed, though and only undergo scrutiny when a complaint is filed.

Adoption law centers, like adoption centers, don’t offer the social services to properly support the participants in adoption. Once a match is made, the parties are referred to other agencies to finalize the adoption. Most adoption law centers don’t even offer adoption legal services and refer the parties to another attorney or firm.

How Does American Adoptions Differ from Adoption Centers in Kansas?

The best way to prevent falling victim to the predatory practices of unlicensed adoption centers and consultants is to work with American Adoptions. In contrast to an adoption law center or adoption centers for babies in Kansas, American Adoptions is a fully licensed adoption agency.

Our staff consists of adoption professionals with years of experience providing a full range of services related to the adoption process. American Adoptions does offer adoption advertising and matching services, but we also provide:

  • 24/7 support and counseling
  • Help with setting up or preparing for the adoption home study for prospective adoptive parents
  • Adoption legal support
  • Help for birth mothers seeking adoption financial assistance
  • And many other adoption services

When you’re starting a journey as complex as adoption, you can simplify the process greatly by working with a licensed agency that offers almost all the services you may need under one roof. Unlike adoption centers in KS that refer you to other adoption professionals once an adoption match is made, American Adoptions will be there by your side throughout the process, providing the guidance and support you need.

You simply won’t get that level of guidance from an adoption law center or adoption center for kids in KS. Our team of professionals includes not only professionals with vast experience facilitating adoptions, but many birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adoptees who understand the process intimately and want to help you on your journey.

Pros and Cons of Using a Kansas Kid Adoption Center and Adoption Law Center

Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of adoption legal centers and child adoption centers in KS is easier if you understand the pros and cons of using such organizations instead of fully licensed adoption agencies.

Kansas Adoption Center/ Adoption Law Center Pros

  • Advertising budgets are often larger: Because an adoption law center or adoption center for kids in KS may only be concerned with making adoption matches, they usually commit more resources to advertise in the form of bigger advertising budgets. Many advertise to birth mothers across the U.S. in order to quickly find good matches.
  • Wait times are usually shorter: Using a KS adoption center or adoption law center usually means shorter wait times for an adoption match. That differs from the lengthy matching process that you may experience with an adoption agency. Adoption law centers and kid adoption centers in KS focus on one part of adoption, so they can connect pregnant women and hopeful families more quickly than some other adoption professionals.

However, please remember that adoption centers in KS aren’t held accountable for any claims they make, and they aren’t compelled to be transparent about things like wait times. Be sure to consider this when making your decision, and remember that American Adoptions can offer accurate wait time estimates and

KS Adoption Center/ Adoption Law Center Cons

  • They’re not regulated: Adoption agencies must be regularly licensed in every state that they operate, but that’s not the case with adoption law centers and baby adoption centers in KS. Adoption centers aren’t reviewed or regulated at all despite claims from some adoption law centers may claim they’re overseen by the state bar. It’s true the bar oversees the incorporating lawyer, but the center is not actually licensed.
  • Lack of social or legal adoption services: Most adoption centers in KS offer no additional services after a match is made, leaving you to get help from outside organizations for things like counseling and support. Using a full-service adoption agency makes the process simpler because your agency will feature licensed, trained professionals offering all the services within one organization.
  • Increased chance of a disrupted adoption: Because adoption law centers and child adoption centers in KS don’t offer social services, the chance of a disrupted adoption when not using a licensed adoption agency is higher. Adoption centers don’t counsel birth mothers to ensure adoption is the right way forward, and adoptive parents don’t get needed training and guidance. A failed adoption can be the result.
  • Costs are unpredictable: Prospective adoptive families using adoption centers in KS may get an initial price estimate that increases due to additional fees if unexpected issues arise during the adoption process.  In fact, some KS adoption centers will force prospective adoptive parents into 12-month contracts for a set price, and when a match doesn’t occur in that time frame, the expiring contract can lead to additional fees and escalating overall costs.
  • Lack of financial protection: Kansas adoption centers don’t offer prospective adoptive families true protection from financial losses in the case of a disrupted adoption. At American Adoptions, we provide a refund to families when disruptions occur through our Risk-Sharing program. Adoption centers in KS offer no such protections. Even when they claim to provide a refund, it’s a “roll-over” refund that only allows hopeful families to use the funds they’ve spent on another adoption opportunity, even in cases where they may not be ready to pursue adoption again.

Both the positive and negative aspects of using KS adoption centers are important to consider when deciding whether they’ll truly meet your needs. Still, you should know that many expectant mothers and hopeful families find that choosing a licensed adoption agency provides the best support from licensed, compassionate professionals.

KS Adoption Centers/ Adoption Law Centers [Closing Thoughts]

Adoption law centers and adoption centers in Kansas can quickly find adoption matches, but there’s more to adoption than making an initial match. You may indeed experience a shorter wait time, but you may have to seek additional support from an external agency to reach your adoption goals.

We want to help you learn how adoption centers and licensed adoption agencies differ. To speak to an adoption professional today, simply fill out our free online form or call 1-800-ADOPTION to get started.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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