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How to Adopt a Child in Kansas [Steps and FAQs]

Fulfilling the Dream of Adopting a Child

Becoming a parent and building a family is a fulfilling endeavor, and doing it through adoption can bring incredible joy to a family. Each year, hundreds of families adopt a baby with American Adoptions. In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about how to adopt a child in Kansas.

Adoption can be a challenging journey, but with our support, it can be a beautiful, meaningful experience. You will work with an adoption specialist who will connect you with all the resources and professional guidance you’ll need to fulfill your family-building dreams.

This guide will outline the steps to completing a private domestic adoption, describe the comprehensive services of American Adoptions, and answer frequently asked questions about how to adopt a child in Kansas. If you are ready to consult with one of our professionals, reach out to us today!

How can I adopt a child in Kansas?

1. Commit to the adoption process.

Many couples struggle with infertility and consider other family-building methods before they decide to adopt. It is important that before you begin the adoption steps, you have processed the grief that often accompanies infertility. It is also important that both individuals of a hopeful adoptive couple are on the same page when it comes to pursuing adoption.

An adopted child deserves your loyalty, and you will want to make sure that you are fully committed to the adoption before you initiate the process.

Meg, an adoptive mother through American Adoptions, says of committing to the adoption process, “Not only are you getting the family of your dreams, but you’re providing a home to a child that needs it. All of it is such a great experience. It makes it all worth it.”

2. Choose the type of adoption you want to pursue.

There are three major types of adoption to consider. American Adoptions specializes in private domestic adoption. The other two types are foster care adoption and international adoption.

Here is a quick breakdown of these three types of adoption:

  • Private Domestic Adoption: Private domestic adoption – otherwise known as domestic infant adoption – is when birth parents from the United States voluntarily place their baby for adoption with an adoptive family.
  • International Adoption: International adoption is the transfer of parental rights across country borders. Oftentimes children are adopted internationally as infants, but there are also older children who are eligible for adoption too.
  • Foster Care Adoption: Foster care adoption is also referred to as public adoption. This type of adoption occurs after biological parents have their parental rights terminated by a court. Oftentimes, children who are eligible for adoption through foster care are older.

3. Choose your adoption professional.

Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make in your adoption journey is the kind of adoption professional you work with. This choice will determine the kind of support you receive during the adoption process, your wait time, and the professional assistance available to you.

The kinds of adoption professionals you can choose from are:

  • National adoption agencies are licensed in and regulated by multiple states that work with adoptive families and birth mothers from across the country. American Adoptions is one of the top national agencies that offer shorter wait times, financial protection, and home study professionals to adoptive families.
  • Local adoption agencies work in a specific region and are licensed by a single state. They typically have a smaller staff and work with families and birth parents that live in the same state. This often means there are longer wait times, but it also allows for more frequent in-person meetings between adoption professionals and families.
  • Adoption attorneys only provide the legal services required for an adoption to be finalized, but they often work in partnership with reputable adoption agencies to help families find adoption opportunities and the necessary support as they navigate the adoption process.
  • Adoption facilitators are unlicensed, unregulated professionals or organizations that only really provide matching services. While they might be attractive to some because of the low price they advertise, they are illegal in the state of Kansas because of certain predatory tactics they use.

When you choose American Adoptions to facilitate your domestic adoption in Kansas, you’ll only have to work with one professional agency. We’re licensed in Kansas, so we will guide you through every step of the process and be able to provide all the support and services you need.

Services you will receive when you work with American Adoptions include:

We guide hopeful adoptive parents through every step of the adoption process, providing comprehensive services and 24/7 support to address any needs that come up.  

4. Complete a home study.

A home study is an essential part of how to adopt a child in Kansas. In fact, before you are eligible to adopt, you must complete a home study, therefore it is one of the first steps you take after you’ve determined you want to adopt.

Home study professionals – provided by American Adoptions – will ensure that you’ve completed the requirements to adopt in the state of Kansas and move you into the next steps of the adoption process.

5. Complete an Adoption Planning Questionnaire (APQ) and an adoption profile.

Next, you will consult with an adoption specialist to complete an Adoption Planning Questionnaire (APQ). This is a set of questions that help our professionals at American Adoptions to understand the types of adoption situations that will best fit your family.

Then you will create a video profile that will serve as a way for birth mothers to familiarize themselves with you. This video will highlight your interests, lifestyle, and family dynamics. You’ll describe why you want to adopt a child and what your dreams for your child are.

Video profiles are an invaluable resource for prospective birth mothers who are considering placing a baby up for adoption. They offer them a glimpse into the life their child might live and put them at ease to choose an adoptive family and continue their adoption journey.

6. Find an adoption opportunity.

After you complete all the requisite steps, you’ll become an active family with American Adoptions. At this point, your video profile will be viewed by prospective birth mothers, and you could be chosen to adopt a baby.

Many hopeful adoptive parents wondering ask how long the adoption process will take. There are a lot of things this depends on, but around 75% of our families are placed with a child within a year of becoming active. In general, the more open you are to different adoption situations, the less wait time you’ll experience.

Once you are matched with a birth mother, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know her. Your first communication with her will likely be with an adoption specialist as a mediator.  Depending on which type of post-placement contact you choose to have,  you’ll proceed with the relationship in the way that best suits your circumstances.  

7. Finalize your adoption. 

Adoption placement and finalization will look different depending on your situation. If you’re adopting a child from outside of Kansas, your adoption attorney will inform you about the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) guidelines you’ll need to follow. It is possible you’ll need to stay in your baby’s birth state for a few weeks.

Following placement, your American Adoptions home study professional will check in on you and your child, completing regular, required home visits. Once post-placement in-home visits are completed (usually around 6 months after placement), you’ll have a court date to finalize the adoption. During this proceeding, a judge will review the adoption and grant you full parental rights to your child.

Frequently Asked Questions by Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Why does it cost money to adopt a child in Kansas?

The cost of adoption varies greatly depending on the type of adoption you choose.

  • Private domestic adoption agencies like American Adoptions provide full-service support and guidance on how to go about adopting a child in Kansas, so partnering with them can cost a significant amount of money. You should expect to pay between $20,000 and $50,000 to adopt an infant through a private domestic adoption agency. Keep in mind, though, that the services they provide benefit hopeful adoptive families in myriad ways. For example, with American Adoptions, you’ll experience shorter wait times and be protected by disruption insurance.
  • International adoption costs are similar to private domestic adoption expenses. But the range of costs can vary quite a bit depending on which country you choose to adopt from, the travel expenses you incur, and the specific processes of completing an adoption from the region.
  • Foster care adoption is a more affordable way to adopt. In many cases, it only requires the cost of a home study, and sometimes families qualify for financial aid and tax credits to support the process. A reasonable amount to expect to pay when adopting a child from foster care is around $2500.

What is the difference between an open and closed adoption?

Many couples wondering how to adopt a child in Kansas may be unfamiliar with the concepts of open and closed adoptions.

Open adoption in Kansas is simply the transfer of parental rights that involves the disclosure of identifying information and contact between the birth parents and adoptive parents before and after the adoption. The level of contact varies widely depending on the circumstances and preferences of those involved.

American Adoptions has certain open adoption requirements for hopeful adoptive families because our adoption professionals know that – in most cases – open adoption is optimal for all members of the adoption triad: birth parents, adoptive parents, and especially the adopted child.

Do we choose the birth mother, or does she choose us?

You will consult with one of our adoption specialists and answer questions regarding your needs and preferences throughout the adoption process. When you will become active in our system, prospective birth mothers will have access to your video profile.

Birth mothers will peruse our database and identify families who seem like a good match. If they are interested in meeting you, they will work with their adoption specialist to arrange a time to meet you. Ordinarily, initial meetings will take place over the phone. In her own time, the birth mother will choose a family that she feels comfortable with and who can provide her baby with the life she wants for them.

Now that the answer to “How does adopting a child work in Kansas?” is a little clearer, maybe you are ready to meet with an adoption specialist. Reach out to us today to learn more about what it takes to start the adoption process!

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