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7 Reasons to Adopt a Baby in Kansas

How do you Adopt a baby?

Those who have a cursory understanding of domestic infant adoption may assume that the reasons people choose to adopt a baby in the United States are shallow. After all, there are many older children in need of a home right here in the United States and many more outside of our country.

However, this perspective is profoundly limited.  There are many admirable reasons for adopting a baby in Kansas – or in any other state. This guide will cover seven of these reasons that may persuade you to choose baby adoption in Kansas over other forms of adoption.

If you would like to hear about the benefits of infant adoption from a professional, reach out to American Adoptions today.

Why Pursue Baby Adoption in Kansas?

1. You want to adopt an infant.

Hopeful adoptive parents who want to often want to have an impact on their child from the start. They want the best chance to cultivate the deepest connection they can with their child so that can be sure that the foundation for healthy development is established early.

When you think about the sorts of values you want to instill in your child and the traditions you want to practice with your family, does adoption fulfill these purposes best? If so, private domestic adoption may be the right path for you.

2. You want full-service, wrap-around support when adopting.

Private domestic adoption agencies like American Adoptions come alongside you as you complete each step of the adoption process. The extensive support you receive is unmatched and very well could be the reason you choose to adopt a baby instead of an older child.

Benefits you’ll discover when you partner with American Adoptions include:

Not every agency that specializes in baby adoption offers all these unique services. American Adoptions is committed to supporting you throughout the entirety of your adoption experience.

3. You want to support pregnant women who are considering adoption to pursue their dreams.

American Adoptions puts an emphasis on the support of women considering adoption. This means that much of the money you spend on your adoption goes directly to services and financial support of your baby’s birth mother.

The ways we support women considering adoption and those committed to adoption include:

Your choice to adopt a baby in Kansas through a private domestic adoption agency supports women who are facing a difficult decision during what is often a tumultuous time in their lives.

4. You want an open adoption.

It is a widely-held belief by most adoption professionals that – in almost all cases – open adoption is the healthiest scenario for an adopted child. It allows for them to grow up knowing where they came from, with access to their culture, history, and love from their birth parents. Open adoption is also an affirming and life-giving arrangement for birth parents and adoptive parents.

Your pursuit to signifies that you are open to providing your child with the ideal situation where they are able to foster a relationship with their birth parents and grow up with transparency about their adoption story.

5. You want to know that the adoption process is above reproach.

Partnering with a national adoption agency like American Adoptions ensures maximum oversight. Since we operate in multiple states, we undergo many regulatory processes and reviews for our licensure. This ensures quality services are provided to both birth mothers and adoptive parents.

Unfortunately, there are some unethical adoption professionals in the world. When you choose to adopt a baby through a domestic agency, you are doing your part to encourage ethical adoption practices.

6. You want to adopt a baby quickly.

American Adoptions has the ability to provide families with lower wait times than other adoption professionals because we partner with birth mothers from all over the nation instead of a specific state or region. We work hard and dedicate many resources to finding prospective birth mothers, offering them services they can’t get elsewhere. This means that your adoption profile will have a much wider reach and reduce your wait time.

7. You want to be financially protected.

The adoption of a baby, no matter the specifics, requires a substantial investment of your time and money, and there is always a risk that this investment will not pay off. Adoption disruption is a possibility that many adoption agencies do not account for.

Still, some domestic adoption agencies have what is often called a “rollover” policy that covers adoption disruptions. With this policy, the funds that hopeful adoptive parents have spent on a failed adoption opportunity will be applied to a subsequent opportunity.

American Adoptions’ Risk Sharing Program protects families even more. Instead of a simple “rollover,” we offer a full refund of the money you have dedicated to an adoption opportunity if it falls through.

How Do You Adopt a Baby in Kansas?

If any of these seven reasons to adopt a baby in Kansas resonate with you, you are probably wondering where you can start the Kansas adoption process.

There are 5 steps that an adoption specialist will guide you through:

  1. Complete APQ, screening, profile, home study, and training.
  2. Wait for an adoption opportunity.
  3. Acquaint yourself with the birth mother who chose you.
  4. Finalize your Kansas adoption.
  5. Carry out your post-placement adoption agreement.

To start on these steps today, contact an adoption specialist at American Adoptions today!

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